A guide for dance in Athens

Dance shops

Dance shops are located in different parts of Athens and they are selling ballet and point shoes, jazz shoes, leotards and dance training cloths.
· Magia, 2 Nikis St., Athens, Tel: +302103236642
· Aerakis Dance Boutique,1 Skoufa St. Athens. Tel: +302103637229 (this is new)
· Danzina, 12 Ag. Fanouriou St. Athens Tel: +302107521251(this does not exist)
· Body Wrappers, 17 Th. Sofouli St, Athens Tel:+302109370143
· Interfil, Sheddo, Gamba, Freed, Katz, Sansha, Martin, G. Dancer –Pietra, 72 Argonafton St., Athens Τηλ:+302109942873
· Ballerina, 126 L. Katsoni St, Athens Tel:+302109416682,