A guide for dance in Athens

Professional dance schools

All the following professional dance schools, are recognized from the Greek government since 1981, with a Law which improved Professional Dance Schools in Higher Education. The curriculum includes for the core studies: ballet training, contemporary training, eurhythmics. It is interesting to mention that there is no dance major in Greek Universities as dance is recognized by the Ministry of Culture and not the Ministry of Education. Furthermore the country is not offering any graduate or postgraduate degree in Dance Studies.

Founded by Koula Pratsika, who studied dance at the Dalcroze Institute, which was transferred to the Laxenburg palace in Austria, established in 1934 her school, specially constructed for dancing by the famous architect George Kontoleontas, at 55 Omirou street. In 1972 she donated the school to the Greek state, which was renamed “State School of Dance” and still remains the only state professional school, 55 Omirou St, 10672 Athens, Tel: +302103612263,, Librarian :Thanos Yannakopulos, the only Info Centre for Dance


The Greek National Opera School has re-opened on September 2004, 199 Piraeus St, 11853 Athens, Tel:+302103426366,