Curriculum vitae

Previous Research Projects

DateApril 2006
InstitutionState School of Dance
ResponsibilitiesPrincipal Researcher 70,000€

Objectives included founding and funding the Company of the State School of Dance in collaboration with the Athens Concert Hall. Participation in the company will play the role of a fourth-year specialisation course in dance performance, augmenting the School’s current three-year course. The Company will employ an Artistic Director and trainers. It will set auditions to form the company group. Choreographers will be invited both from Greece and internationally. It is among the Company’s objectives also to perform on international Tours.

DateMay 2004
InstitutionMunicipality of Chania, Crete
ResponsibilitiesConference and Platform Manager (90,000€ project)

Objectives included upgrading the 1st Mediterranean contemporary dance platform to international status. The artistic and cultural exchange will reach an international level, achieving a multi-cultural profile, providing a global view of dance creativity, trends and styles. Conference will expand offering different topics each year with the aim of linking dance theory and practice. In addition workshops on choreography, by well known artists internationally will be monitoring with the aim to facilitate cross culture integration and education.

DateNovember 2002
InstitutionOnassis Foundation
ResponsibilitiesThe Art Of Dance Today (90,000€ project)

Responsibilities included initiating the idea and presenting with its full budget to the Onassis Foundation. Liaising with over 26 delegates from UK, USA and Greece. Participants were theoreticians in dance directors of festivals, musicians multi-media dance experts and choreographer. Other responsibilities include planning and managing stage for nine companies, managing a team of over 10 helpers, design and distribution of publicity (on paper, internet and email and the press), identifying and liaising with publishers and exhibitors, managing programme publication, planning and managing catering and accommodation, writing post-conference report and publish the proceedings (Cited in Dance Europe Magazine, January 2003, pp 2-4: “Moving Targets” by Katja Wener, dance critic)

DateApril 2004
InstitutionMunicipality of Chania, Crete
Responsibilities1st Mediterranean Contemporary Dance Platform
Conference and Platform Manager (40,000€ project)

Responsibilities included initiating the idea and presenting with its full budget to the Mayor at Chania. Liaising with over 130 delegates from UK, USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Israel, Spain, Croatia, Portugal and Greece. Participants were dance theoreticians and critics, directors of festivals and choreographer Nationally and Internationally. Other responsibilities include managing a team of over 30 helpers, design and distribution of call of interest, invitations, publicity (on paper, internet and email and the press), identifying and liaising with travel agents, accommodation and catering through extra sponsoring, managing programme with technical directors, planning and managing stage for eleven companies and organising and chairing conference.

DateOct 1998-Jun 2000
InstitutionOn Stage Dance Company
ResponsibilitiesArtistic Director (20,000€ project)

Responsibilities included initiating an ISTD dance company with the inspection and supervision of the ISTD London Headquarters. Organising, managing and promoting the company, as well as funding through external sponsoring. Selecting choreographers, setting auditions rehearsing and performing for two years in Greece.

DateMay 2001, Apr 2002, Nov 2003
InstitutionIATE Doctors and Dancers
ResponsibilitiesSeminar Manager 10,000€

Responsibilities for all the above one-day seminars and workshops included training orthopaedic doctors on understanding dance movement principles, budget management, designing publicity flyers, marketing on the internet and email, liaising with doctors and hospital departments, managing information technology needs, organising , recording and maintaining doctors registration files

DateOctober 2003
InstitutionMinistry of Culture State School
ResponsibilitiesResearch Associate 150,000€
State School of Dance Library Automation

Responsibilities included revising the library mission statement and collaborating with the library manager on establishing goals and objectives for each service. The research associate post focused on organising the school’s archive and enriching and upgrading the multi-media sources and collection.