Curriculum vitae

Professional Commitments

From 2002 to 2018, I have organized and participate in the scientific committee of 5 International dance conferences and 3 Pan-Hellenic conferences in collaboration with Greek Universities and international Organizations.

2018- 2020, Member of the Advisory Educational Committee on Dance at the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

2016, External evaluator, at the “University of Nicosia” Cyprus, for the election of two Assistant Professors, on Dance subject.

2015-present, Member of the Cosmogym Assessment Committee – Gymnastics for all contest, organized by the Athletic Cultural Association “Gitani”. 2019, Member of authors for the code of points “Gymnastics for all contest”, Greek Association of Gymnastics under the regulations of the World Federation of Gymnastics (F.I.G).

2014, Member of the Judges Committee for Greek Theater and Dance Projects for selecting the Greek Representative at the Quadrinale International Exhibition in Prague in 2015. Organized by the Hellenic Center of the International Theater Institute, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture.

2012-2014, Vice President at the Hellenic Center of the International Theater Association.

2006-2013, Member of the Board of Directors for the Dance Scholarships abroad, at the Onassis Foundation.

2010-2012, Member of the Board of Directors at DOATAP, academic board for approving international Dance degrees.

2008-2011, Member of the assembly of the Ministry of Education and Culture for educational issues in Dance studies and topics concerned the higher professional dance schools and diplomas.

Previous posts

2000 and 2004, Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, Board of Examiners for the Second International Choreography Competition.

2002-2006, State School of Dance, Board of Examiners for the Awarding of Koula Pratsika’s Scholarships.

2001-2004. Amateur Dance School Association, Cyprus, examiner for Ballet (all levels).

2003-2004.The Artistic Competitions for High Schools, for A level, Board of examiners for Contemporary dance.

1999. Witter and Critical reader for the Open University, Patras Greece, for textbooks on History and Theory of Dance, Traditional and Contemporary Dance.