Conference Presentations Published in Conference Proceedings

2015 SDHS/CORD international conference: Cut & Paste Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity, Athens 4-7 July 2015.Title: “The price of everything and the value of nothing: Dance Scholarly Activity and Creative Collaborations in the Days of Austerity in Greece”. Cambridge University Press, 2016, pp 355-360.

2013 7th Research Conference, MTSR 2013: Metadata and Semantics Research, Thessaloniki, 19-22 November 2013. Title: “Metadata, Domain Specific Languages and Visualisations as Internal Artifacts Driving an Agile Knowledge Engineering Methodology”, Angelos Yannopoulos, Yannis Christodoulou, Effie Bountris, Katia Savrami, Maria Douza.

2011 “Teaching creative dance within theatre drama education for schools in theatre department at the university level” 18-20 July Miriam College, Manila, Philippines. 1st Philippine International University Theatre Association, Festival/ conference/workshop “Strengthening university theatre: Cultural traditions enriching contemporary theatre”, International University Theatre Association και του Miriam College, under the auspices of International Theatre Institute.

2010 Onassis Foundation: The Athens Dialogues, Onassis cultural centre, Stegi. Responder to Walter Scheidel (Stanford University) title: “Human development and quality of life in the long run: the case of Greece” and Sara Rubidge title: “How art matters”.

2009 Dance and Narrativity, international day conference -27th May- organized by the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Patras. Title: “Bodies that move and co-move”. University of Patras Press, 2010, pp 74-88.

2004 Pre-Olympic Congress, Thessaloniki, Greece (6-11August). Research Paper titled: Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sport and Art .

2003 International Conference: Pulses and impulses for dance in the community, Lisbon, Portugal (Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Departamento de Danca). Research Paper titled: There Is No Recipe for Choreography. Is Any Body Listening?.

2002 Conference Encontro Laban 2002: The language of the body, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Research Paper titled: Artistic Expression in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

2001 Aesthetic Evaluation, in Art and Sport, Research Paper, at the International Conference, by the Secretariat General of Sport, Athens, and UNESCO.